Research Interests

Signal processing, Control and Vibration, Structural Dynamics, Interfacial fluid mechanics

Sessile liquid drops damp vibrating structures

We explore the vibration damping characteristics of singular liquid drops of varying viscosity and surface tension resting on a millimetric cantilever. An Experimental approach to find optimum viscosity that most effectively damps a vibrational system.

Droplet ejection from dampened, damped wings

Develop contact mechanics of different viscous fluid on a hydrophobic surface. Investigate the physics of droplet motion on vibrating wings and experimentally validate using millimetric wings across a range of hydrophobicity, amplitude, and frequency. An electrodynamic shaker is used to produce flying insects' flutter stroke experimentally which is controlled by NI DAQ using LabVIEW. Quantify the drop motion on a hydrophobic surface using high-speed videography.

Predictive modelling of drop ejection from damped, dampened wings by machine learning

Implement Data analysis technique and machine learning in beam droplet dynamics. Present a new data driven approach to predict the drop ejection modes and inertia force required to remove a drop from damped cantilever. Application of Random Forest, support vector machine and Boosting algorithm in Python for predicting inertia of cantilever structure.

EEG signal processing using Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD)

Electroencephalographic (EEG) signal processing and classification techniques for noninvasive motor imagery-based brain computer interface. Artifact removal using ICA and EMD, Feature selection using r square topography and Sample Entropy, Classification using LDA and SVM.